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You have a brand. We have a killer creative content studio.

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We are a band of misfit toys…who take a collaborative approach to creating engaging content for brands. This is our story.


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Our blog contains articles, tutorials, and other examples pertaining to digital content creation and working in the creative industry.

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The Lab is where we conduct experiments, and save the world. But really, it is just were we like to post our internal projects to keep the skills sharp.

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The Keys to Smoother Credit Rolls (/w template)

We found a bulletproof method for getting smoother end credits in After Effects and also included a credit roll template for Photoshop and After Effects.

What they don’t tell you about owning a creative small business

This past weekend marked the 12th year from my last full-time job. Granted, that previous statement looks a bit misleading. Since then, I’ve worked enough to account for 3 fulltime jobs, but it specifically holds a special meaning because it was the beginning of my Self Employment. It’s been a long road getting here, but [...]

What is a creative content studio?

In an era of the gig economy, a Creative Content Studio provides vision and clarity to brands creating digital content, while staying on message.

Filming a video interview: How to be a good interviewee

Here are some answers to common questions for people who are being interviewed on film for the first time. Using these tips will help bolster confidence.

Spec Work: The Setbacks and Benefits

Tackling some of the hurdles posed by accepting spec work, and weighing if your time would be better served by seeking paid jobs

Being a creative professional and a good sport

Didn’t your mother even tell you that sharing is caring? Well, it is pretty important to share with other creative professionals.