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Digital Experiences

East of Ellie

The Brief

COVID-19 threw everyone for a loop. The live events industry was undoubtedly hit the hardest for professional services. People kept on saying “The new normal”, but that just wouldn’t do for event organizers who make their living creating gatherings that would now have to be virtual events.

Always looking on the positive side, the East of Ellie group went to the drawing board. The problem was simple. Most of the effectiveness of live corporate events come from the in-person social aspect, and because of the pandemic, people weren’t gathering in groups anymore.

Many companies offering digital events didn’t clearly explain how they would provide an engaging user experience for the attendees, and East of Ellie sought to set themselves apart from the rest by blending digital experiences with real-life interaction. A digital transformation of the interactive experience, if you will.

The Solution

After a few meetings, we were able to understand exactly how they planned to offer this service. We wanted to communicate that these digital experiences provide more than just a Zoom Call with breakout groups.

Through our collaboration with East of Ellie, we decided to create 3D environments based on a real-life event and show how the digital event look and feel would be. We used motion graphics to tell the story with 3D rendering supporting it.

East of Ellie - Digital Experiences

Project Info

  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Texturing
  • 3D Rendering
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Strategy
Executive Producer:

Emily Chalk Battaglia


Karen Marin
Torrey Benane


Paul Melluzzo

Motion Design:

Paul Melluzzo

Additional Graphic Design:

Michelene Scarchilli