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Unleash the Power of Continuous Creativity

Introducing the Creative Partnership Plan

In the rapidly changing digital landscape, we’ve found that demands for engaging digital content are growing, but brands typically struggle to get their message across all the different channels available to them.

Historically, we’ve been your gunslingers-for-hire, working on a project-by-project basis. But we both know the magic really happens when we move from a project basis to a marathon of creative collaboration.

That’s why we’re stoked to unveil our shiny new offering—the Creative Partnership Plan.

What’s the Creative Partnership Plan?

This isn’t your usual “one and done” project contract. Instead, this is about fusing your vision and our expertise, consistently and creatively, over a 6 to 12-month period (or longer, we love a long story).

What’s included? Well, the whole shebang:

  • Hone your content strategy with our Creative Audit
  • Create a library of production-ready concepts that target all aspects of your sales funnel with our Concept Sprints
  • Deliver content that converts whether it is PPC and OTT ads social media posts or branded content

Why Choose a Creative Partnership Plan?

Here’s the deal:

  1. Consistent Branding: Say goodbye to disjointed storytelling. We’re talking about a visual narrative that’s harmonized across all your content.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Get more bang for your buck…In the long run, a campaign is more cost-effective than multiple one-off projects.
  3. Brand Understanding: The longer we’re in this together, the deeper we dive into what makes your brand tick.
  4. Constant Optimization: The beauty of long-term? We can track, test, tweak, and turn content around to ensure it’s consistently delivering the goods.

The goal?

To design and measure content effectiveness, whether it’s a PPC ad, a social media post, or a commercial, all of the visuals and messaging must work in tandem to reinforce the brand’s distinct point of view.

The endgame? Craft and calibrate content impact, whether it’s an unmissable PPC ad, an irresistible social media post, or a heart-stopping commercial. Every visual and message is aligned to echo your brand’s unique voice.

Is it right for you?

Before embarking on this journey together, ensuring that our Creative Partnership Plan meshes with your needs and expectations is crucial.

We want to ensure that we’re the right fit for your brand and that our method works with your vision and goals.

To determine if our plan is the right choice for you, consider the following:

  • You know that your video content could be better but don’t know how to get it there
  • You don’t have time to manage freelancers and creative campaigns
  • You’ve been burned before by surprise deliverables that didn’t match what you were expecting
  • You aren’t able to see a return on investment with your digital content

Our Creative Partnership Plan could perfectly match your brand if you nod to these questions.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for one-off creative projects or your current focus clashes with our method, we continue offering our expertise on a project-by-project basis. Our goal is to provide the most effective video content that serves your needs, whether that’s through a long-term partnership or individual projects.

We encourage all our potential partners to consider the Creative Partnership Plan as it provides a comprehensive and cohesive approach to content creation; however, we respect that every brand is at a different stage in its journey, and we’re here to support you every step.

Our Creative Partnership Plan has three stages: Self-Reflection, Exploration, and Creation.

Phase 1: Self-Reflection

Let’s unearth your tale.

We initiate a kickoff meeting to delve into your brand. We aim to reveal the following:

  • What outcomes do you yearn for?
  • What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will gauge these outcomes?
  • What are your challenges, your mission, and your competitors?

Drawing battle lines with KPIs at the outset is essential. This sets transparent expectations and benchmarks for the campaign and assists in discerning a brand’s unique position and understanding how it outshines competitors.

The Perils of "Spaghetti Content"

Lately, a phenomenon has emerged—“Spaghetti Content.” (As we like to call it)

This is content flung haphazardly at audiences in the hope that something sticks. But this strategy often crumbles under its own weight as the algorithms always catch up.

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more mainstream, digital content will be judged by the emotion it elicits and the impressions it leaves.

Ignoring this, risks getting lost in the sea of AI-generated video, images, and endless captions that all say the same thing.

The key to the future lies in strategic, meaningful content. The tools (including AI) should be used as a support, not a crutch. And that’s where the Creative Partnership Plan comes in.

Phase 2: Exploration

Weaving your narrative.

Here’s the secret sauce, if you will.
The Exploration phase includes a “Creative Audit,” a “Concept Sprint,” and our “Attack Plan.” All are crucial elements in crafting a cohesive Creative Strategy.

Creative Audit

In the Creative Audit, our team plunges headfirst into competitive analysis, brand voice, messaging, and the harmony of existing visuals.

We also inspect a series of technical details. We assess the technical aptitude of the existing materials and highlight growth opportunities.

This audit ensures your brand’s content and strategy resonate with its identity and message. Sparking curiosity and engagement trumps selling features to early-stage buyers.

Concept Sprint

Then, we move onto the Concept Sprint, crafting a production-ready library of concepts aimed at various sales funnel stages—driving awareness, nurturing interest, and offering more profound insights.

Borrowing from the software development playbook, we champion a 2-week creative sprint as the key to examining the brand, breaking it down into distinct stages of the buyer’s journey, and then brainstorming concepts catered to each stage’s demands.

We’ll create scripts of various concepts and present a moodboard for each to showcase the envisioned look & feel.

Phase 3: Creation

Tell your story

In the Creation stage, we harness our discoveries from the Exploration phase to devise a comprehensive attack plan for the client. This strategy outlines the deliverables, their targets, and a deployment tactic.

When crafting the attack plan, the primary focus is to optimize the client’s total budget, accounting for the resources deployed in the preceding phases. Then, upon client approval, we create all the required deliverables.

Rinse, Create, Repeat.

Our processes ensure we build a rapport with our clients instead of merely conducting business. This also empowers us to keep a customer-centric, results-driven approach, honing in on their desires and interests at every juncture.

Ready to Rock?

The Creative Partnership Plan by Omnislash Visual is more than just a blueprint; it’s our vow to our clients, their visions, and the triumph of their brands. With the Creative Partnership Plan, we stand poised to slice through the mundane and deliver ingenuity unbound.

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