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Ashcroft E2G General Purpose Transducer

Live Action Production, Editorial, and Motion Design for product release


We were contacted by Ashcroft to assist in creating a series of videos and animations for the release of their new pressure transducer.  Fancy piece of equipment.

The campaign was comprised of two marketing videos, two marketing animations, and one video illustrating how to calibrate it.  Since this is state-of-the-art technology that they are using to measure pressure, we wanted to help demystify how it functions for those less technically inclined, but still present all of the info for those technically-minded folks.


Video, Motion Design, Graphic Design


2019 Semptember

These videos were broken out to emphasize two different concepts:

  • How it affects the customers
  • How the technology works

Due to the complexity of how the core technology functions, we thought it best to dedicate a full video on delving into some of their internal processes, that make the E2 special.

We created these animations by converting Ashcroft’s Solidworks technical files into a 3D format that we work with.  The 3D models were then textured to look photorealistic and animated.

The purpose of this calibration video is to show those who are out in the field, how they can adjust the offset and span values for their transducer using the included magnet.

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